[EKITEN] Lab-scale liquid filling and band-sealing machine. (One liquid solutions type)

The fully automatic operation machine from liquid filling in a hard capsule to band-sealing with clean room specificaiton. Capsule size are available in 00, 0el, 0, 1, 2, 3, and 4.(Capsule No1 size is standard, others are optional)
Filling unit could be filled from low viscosity (1 cp) to high viscosity (20000 cp). (From 50cp to 100cp is standard, other are optional)
Full automatic machine with band-sealing was launched as the world's first in 2008.

[EKITEN2] Lab-scale liquid filling and band-sealing machine. (Two liquid solutions type)

The fully automatic machine that fills a hard capsule two liquid solutinos and band-sealing with clean room specification.
Fully automatic machine is the world's first as the filling two liquid solutions.
>One liquid solution + one tablet solution
>One liquid solution + one granule solution
>Three lilquid solutions.

【EKITEN】 LIQUID FILLING AND SEALING MACHINE (Production type, 1 Liquid solution)

This machine was developed lab-scale [EKITEN] for medium-sized production machine.
It has the performance of the lab-scale [EKITEN] machine and it is consisted of 6 rows.
Full-automatic capsule filling machine from filling to band sealing.
It has a capacity of 18,000 capsules per hour.
(Capacity varies depending on the filling materials)
Capsule sizes:00,0el,0,1,2,3 and 4 is available Liquid solution's specification is a water-insoluble liquid and standard liquid viscosity could be filled from 50 to 100 cps.
Optional : Low-viscosity and high viscosity

To hard capsule with new technology.

Sales in-line type equipment from liquid fillng to band-sealing.

1.Filling solutions Oil-based lilquid solution
2.Capacity 1,500Caps~3,000Caps/h
3.available viscosity 50CPS~100CPS (Optional : Low-viscosity and high viscosity)
4.dimensions W1,450mm×D715mm×H1,440mm
5.Weights 650kg (Included optional)
6.Sales prices ¥15,000,000~¥30,000,000 (Included optional )
7.Available capsule size
(Fulled volume of liquid solutions)
  • #00=0.85ml
  • #0=0.61ml
  • #1=0.43ml
  • #2=0.33ml
  • #3=0.24ml
  • #4=0.18ml

Operation Process

New Technology vol.1

Development of a decompression system using vacuum technology

New vacuum decompressing system has solved the problem of increasing pressure in a capsule by decompressing the capsule's inside and its surroundings.

Mechanism of new vacuum decompressing system

  • Inside the vacuum decompressing system unit

  • The vacuum decompressing system unit operation section

Vacuum decompressing flow
  • 1.Operate vacuum pump and make vacuous.
  • 2.Adjust the vacuum pressure
  • 3.Adjust the vacuum flow
  • 4.The suction timing is set in advance with mechanical parameters.
    A vacuum suction valve is opened at a set timing to start vacuum decompression.
    A vacuum suction valve is closed at a set timing to finish vacuum decompression.
  • 5.As soon as the suction valve is closed, the vacuum breakdown valve is opend to release the vacuum state.
New Technology vol.2

A compact drying unit of high efficiency desing

Stack 20 drying plates and dry with blower fan while capsules drops between plates.
This keeps 400 capsules in the drying unit for at least 7 minutes and dries them.
Designed a compact and high efficiency drying unit.

Apply a band-sealing to the capsule and transfer it to the drying unit.


  • Explanation from the principal of Macau Univ. to President Xi Jinping (Picture1)

  • Research and Development facilities installed at Unversity of Macau

  • Study presentation using liquid filling and band-sealing machine

  • Capsule sample product

Research and Development of new medicines (University of Macau)

Research and Development of new medicines have been underway after EKITEN is indroduction at Unversity of Macau.
It is reported that drawing attention from President Xi Jinping (Picture1) in the ceremony of the 20th anniversary of Macau return in 2019.

UM’s Multi-Phase Chinese Medicine Capsule-Making Technology