We have listed a number of questions from our customers.

We can handle the process of parts processing and assembly only with drawings.
However, we do not accept requests for design only.

We can handle it. We have a lot of experience such as updating capacity and facility renewal. Please feel free to consult with us first.

No, Our staff is responsible for manufacturing everything.

Yes, We also manufacture parts. We will start with a design proposal that matches the updated parts, so please let us know even if you refuse. We can also repair ready-made and custom-made machines.

Yes. Our experienced staff could suggest that the equipment fits your budget.

It is possible to process stainless steel, aluminum, steel, special steel, and nonmetallic. (resin products, etc.)

Yes. If you have drawings, we will handle the procurement of materials, processing, and finishing of parts. Also, even if have not drawing, we will design from the replacement parts.

Yes. First, we will hear the details and, if necessary, we will come to the investigation. We would like to suggest what kind of repairs can be made by looking at the condition of the machine.

Yes. However, it depends on the condition of the machine and the contents of maintenance, so please consult with us.

Please contact us via the inquiry form on the homepage. I'll get back to you.

Yes. If you let us know in advance, our experienced staff will guide you.

We accept orders from all over Japan.

We deal mainly with Asia. We do not have a service base overseas, but we will be able to provide business trips.