Small methane gas power plant (Middle-temp. / High-temp.)

It is a eco-friendly facility that uses food residues and livestock excreta as raw materials to ferment methane gas and recover energy.
It is possible to sell ecectricity generated by running a generator with methane gas (30kW system).
The facilities shown in the photo are equipped with four 30㎥ fermenter and could put in eight tons of raw materials per day.
(The amount of processing varies depending on the type of raw material.)
All of them are on-vehicle and no need for large-scale construction on-site.
(Introduced it to VIOCE Co.Ltd. in Wakayama)

Small methane gas fermenter (All is in container)

We deliver methane gas fermenter in a 20ft container.
You are installing and using it as it is.
If there is enough space for container, it could be installed. (saving space)
It is possible to improve the processing capacity by simply adding more fermentation tanks.
> Monitoring system, Remote control(loT), and Data recording.
(Introduced it to cut vegetables factories in Tokushima)