Dryer and drying equipments

  • A hybrid-type

    • Hybrid drying furnace

  • A batch-type

    • Batch type electric heater drying equipment

    • Batch hardening furnace

  • A heat source

    • Steam heat source

  • A in-line type

    • Hybrid drying furnace

    • Electric high temperature hardening furnace

    • Steam drying furnace

    • Far-infrared radiation electric furnace

Dedicated machine and equipments

  • Processing machine

    • Accurate processing machine with automatic conveying

    • Accurate processing machine with conveying

  • Dedicated machine

    • Film cutting equipment

Pharmaceutical medical precision machinery

  • Lab-scale machine

    • EKITEN (One liquid solution type)

    • EKITEN (Two liquid solution type)

  • Production type machine

    • Liquid Filling and Band-sealing machine for production

Chemical facilities (Reaction facilities)

  • Thermal reaction (Heating / Cooling)

    • Heating and cooling equipmets

    • Feeding Unit for high density liquid

  • Dispersion, condensation and mixing

    • Dispersion and mixing equipments

    • Mixing equipment

Chemical facilities (Fermentation facilities)

  • Fermentation

    • Small methane gas power plant

    • Small methane gas fermenter (All is in container)