Company outline

Company name NOSAKA TEC

【Head Office】
1-1205 Maruyama, Fukui-shi, Fukui, Japan

【Shigetate Engineering Office】
14-36 Shigetatecho, Fukui-shi, Fukui, Japan

【Maruoka Factory】
8-20 Maruokacho Shimokumeda, Sakai-shi, Fukui, Japan

Capital 30 million yen
Foundation Foudation in 1953
Establishment Established in 1970
Employees 22 (as of Aug. 2020)
Representative chairman Hiroshi Nosaka
president Naoki kobayashi
Board member Director Yasunori Takezawa
Director Takuya Nosaka
Business Design, manufacture and construction of drying equipment, chemical plant equipment, industrial machinery and labor-saving machinery.
Design and manufacture of indutrial machinery.
Construction license Mechanical equipment installation business.
Piping business,
Steel structure construction business
Permission for Governor of Fukui Prefecture: 1 permission
(General-22 Item 2771, December 25, 2020)
  • Shigetate Engineering Office

    14-36 Shigetatecho, Fukui-shi, Fukui, Japan

  • Maruoka Factory

    8-20 Maruokacho Shimokumeda, Sakai-shi, Fukui, Japan


Sep. 1953 3-chome, Shiiguchi-cho, Fukui City, Fukui Prefecture;
Tamenari Nosaka founded NOSAKA Iron Factory.
Jan. 1967 11-1 of 36 Senma, Maruyama-cho, Fukui City, Fukui Prefecture;
Established a second factory and started piping business.
Apr. 1970 Established NOSAKA Iron Factory Co., Ltd. with capital of 3 million yen.
Jul. 1971 Consolidate the headquarters plant at the second plant;
Steel structure construction started.
Jan. 1974 In order to enter public works,
Obtained Fukui prefectural governor's license for steel structure construction and plumbing business.
Jan. 1986 Introducing sheet metal processing equipment and entering new industries.
Jul. 1997 8-20 Shimokumeda, Maruoka-cho, Sakai City, Fukui Prefecture;
New laser machines and press machines are introduced to enhance sheet metal processing.
Capital increase to 10 million yen,
Hiroshi Nosaka as CEO,
Tamenari Nosaka assumed the position of chairman of the representative board of directors.
Feb. 1999 Developed the world's first quartz glass exclusive processing equipment and sold the first and second units.
Jan. 2003 [Technical Department] newly established in order to make the facilities proposal we thought of it then started as an engineering company.
Apr. 2003 Receipt, design, manufacture, construction and management of large chemical plants, and delivery to major copying machine manufacturers.
Sep. 2004 14-36 Shigetachi-cho, Fukui City, Fukui Prefecture;
Establishment of Engineering Division.
Our main tasks are sales, technical, design, equipment assembly, and equipment construction.
Capital increase to 30 million yen.
Jan. 2007 Developed the world's first [Lab-scale liquid filling and band-sealing machine]
[EKITEN] Launch, first unit sold to Quoricapus (USA)
4 patents domestically,
patents overseas in US, India, Taiwan and South Korea.
Dec. 2009 Developed and sold [EKTEN] the world's first three-liquid filling and band-sealing machine.
Apr. 2010 2010 New Business Activity Promotion Subsidy [New Partnership Support Program] start.
Kinki Bureau of Economy, Trade and Industry adopts [EKITEN ], liquid filling sealing machine.
Feb. 2011 Developed and sold the industry's first high-efficiency screw type dryer equipped with a screw stirring mechanism.
Aug. 2013 2012 Protoytpe Development Support Project for manufacturing smaller enterprises and small businesses start.
Fukui Prefectural Regional Secretariat, Fukui Prefectural Federation of Small and Medium Enterprises| adopts [EKITEN ], liquid filling sealing machine.
Dec. 2014 [Small methane gas fermentation equipment]
Developed and sold the first unit.
Jun. 2015 Development and sales of [small scale liquid solution manufacturing equipment] fully automated  dispersion, agitation, temperature rise, and cooling.
Oct. 2015 Developed and sold [EKITEN] the world's first [tablet filling and band-sealing machine] to Macau University (China)
Operated as a new drug research and development facility, a national project of China.
Oct. 2017 Developed and sold the world's first high-concentration coating product,
[high-efficiency continuous reduced-rate drying device]
Dryer using hybrid heat source, patented in August 2020.
Nov. 2017 The Global Environment Center, Public Interest Foundation of the Ministry of the Environment,
Subsidies for carbon dioxide emission control projects, 2017. (Program to create low-carbon technology innovation for developing countries) In the second round of public invitation, we have received certification from our customers.
We received orders for the design, production, construction, and management of [large methane gas fermentation equipment].
(Completed in March 2019)
Sep. 2018 [Full automatic processing equipment exclusively for quartz glass products] developed and sold.
Dedicated processing Equipment with full automation from centering, cutting, chamfering and washing of product.
Feb. 2020 Recognized as the 5th Fukui Furusato Corporation Award Monodzukuri Category.

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