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In various globalization of industry, the production of product that have a competitive power with a high value-added and the highest quality is truly requested.
At the same time, the environmental influence has tightened reulations so that more advanced technologies are required in their production and managemnet.
We started as a manufacture of pipe and steel in 1953 and have expanded the business by working a sheet metal.
Since establishment of company, we have tried to get a precise viewpoint, new ideas, advanced technologies and updated information in order to get going with the tide.
So it is prepared the flexible production system to respond to a various demands based on accumulate experience and skilled processing technology.
Now we have been producing some reliable production through manufacturing of machinery parts and design of the plant facilities, adn want to produce products creating the new value, not just "making things".
As your goood partner, NOSAKATEC is thinking to grow up together, suggesting the most valuable product adn offering the products that customers needs most to your company.
The engineering challenge is cost, safety, energy situation, environmental issue and so on.
NOSAKATEC will show our original creativity with new technology and information.

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